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Torco PL-50 Penetrating Lubricant UNIVERSAL

Brand: Torco | Category: Lubricants
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T580014R PL50 Penetrating Lubricant
Case of 12 19.0 Fl oz Cans
T580014RE PL50 Penetrating Lubricant
19.0 Fl oz Can

Product Description

Torco PL-50 Penetrating Lubricant is a multi-use penetrating fluid that displaces moisture and provides superior light film lubrication. Formulated with proprietary anti-wear and anti-corrosion, Torco PL-50 Penetrating Lubricant penetrates quickly, relieves seized or rusted parts and extends life of treated components.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-use penetrating lubricant
  • Displace moisture and protects against rust
  • Light film lubrication for all sliding and pivot points
  • Relieves seized or rusted parts

Typical Uses
ecommended for cables, levers, chain rollers, pins, bushings and bare metal surfaces. Also works as an excellent fogging fluid for powersport or power equipment (2-stroke & 4-stroke) applications. Will not harm plastic or painted surfaces.

Available Sizes
19.0 Fluid Oz.

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